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To tell you a little bit of history, three centuries ago, British landscape architect Lancelot Brown was nicknamed 'England's greatest gardner'. This nickname still persists today for, amongst others, he perfectly pioneered the ideology of a garden being an idealised form of nature. One of Brown's other affectionate names is 'Capability' as he always told his customers that their garden had 'capability' for improvement.

At MUSTARDTREE Landscapes, we believe that every form of human inhabited and recreational space has unlimited social, ecological and aesthetic 'capabilities'. We are here to make your garden flourish and help fulfil its potential through careful exploration of the forms and fabrics best fitting your values, dreams and preferences.

In the 17th century, gardens were viewed as tools to display how successful and powerful the owners are. Among the most popular examples of such gardens are the Vaux-le-Vicomte and Versailles, both designed by landscape architect Andre Le Notre. Not much has changed ever since. For in our modern-day lifestyle, we love inviting colleagues and friends to come over. We love inspiring our loved ones with beautiful frames, paintings and decor items in the family room and nice flowers in the garden. We love making our parents, close friends and the people who matter the most proud of how well we've been doing and faring in life as they can see we live in a healthy environment with a magnificent garden (whether it is rather big or quaintly small).


With a solid experience in landscape design, installation and maintenance, we proudly invite you to use our Full design service. We are formally educated and highly qualified landscape designers (have a look at our profiles). We also have over six years of professional experience and are thrilled to put our life passion and expertise into good use. We will continue making the world a better place, one garden at a time. 



Our design process consists of the following:

  • Customer interview

  • Defining a design concept fitting customers' dream garden and needs

  • Conceptualising a moodboard that responds to the characters and moods matching customers' personalities and planned use of the space

  • Generating the perfect form for the space to be designed

  • Producing a comprehensive list of landscaping elements (plants and hard landscaping materials) to satisfy the social, ecological and aesthetic needs and preferences of customers

  • Presenting the design to customers

  • Making appropriate changes if necessary

Browse through our installed gardens, posters, design visualisations and design plans to get a feel of how we can apply our expertise to enhance your outdoor lifestyle.



If any inquiry, you are welcome to contact our landscape designers. 


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