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Our team understands that we are serving different people with different dreams, values and obligations. On that account, we offer tailor-made installation services.


The Day installation service was created for customers requiring assistance to mark out the exact shape of their beds and position their purchased plants and hard landscaping materials. One of our designers will come visit your garden for a day, with a qualified labourer and perform works such as bed demarcation, plant positioning, material positioning ...


For more information, feel free to contact us.


If you require any assistance with the full installation of your newly designed garden, this service is for you. One or more of our designers will come over with qualified labourers, for a determined time frame, to perform activities like: site clearance, site preparation for planting and building works, plant and/or material delivery, building works, preparation of planting medium, irrigation, planting, rubble removal ...

Click HERE to have a look at previous gardens we have fully installed.


For more details, feel at ease to contact us

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