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Waterwise Garden

Inspiring Garden Ideas for 2020

If you are looking to create a unique garden and space, there are some inspiring garden ideas you may have not thought of before.


Arabian Landscaping: This style of landscaping is unique. It’s full of patterns and colors and the main element is mosaic tiles. The geometric display of the plants and flowers helps enhance the aesthetic appearance of the garden. Another distinctive feature is in the colors that make you feel relaxed.


Beach Landscaping: You don’t need to be by a beach for this landscaping. Starting with the path in front of the house then add the same size stones at the right and left sides. Fill the rows with grass, small shrubs, or your favorite flowers. To emphasize the style, opt for beach roses. Add shells to the corners or around some other green plants.


Small Garden Ideas: With the right design, even a smaller garden can be turned into an incredible landscape. You want to make good use of the space you have and use built-in seats in order to avoid overcrowding. You also don’t want to plant too many flowers and plants of different colors. Choose monochromatic colors. You can also make good use of lighting in order to give the small space some dimension.


Apartment Landscaping: Just because you may not have any space for a garden doesn’t mean you have to go without one. Design great landscaping on your balcony so you can enjoy the fresh air and a natural view if there is no other space.


Waterwise garden: With the growing rates of water use and increasing water prices, there has never been a better time to use less water on your landscape. That is why waterwise gardens are becoming so popular. Waterwise gardens utilizes plants that require less water than traditional garden plants. There are many waterwise plants that provide nectar and that can make your garden look absolutely beautiful.

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